Pixar Artists Monsterclass – Rome 5th-6th July 2013

This exceptional 2−day event takes place in Rome − Italy − on july 5th & 6th, 2013, offering participants a rare and exciting opportunity to learn from the industry’s top talent. This class has toured the world, with this being one of only a few stops in 2013. This event will be the ONLY ONE in Europe!

Oriented to experienced animators, story writers, students and animation enthusiasts alike, the skill sets covered are not software−specific. Lectures are organized with visuals, including live−action and animated clips, supplemented by in−class exercises and a printed workbook. This masterclass provides you with the tools needed to help create your own stories and feature−quality animation, and offers you a great opportunity to meet and network with others in the industry.

Andrew Gordon


  • Basic Skills involved
  • Character Design
  • Basic Shapes
  • The story behind the character
  • Art / Animation
  • Charicature
  • Set Design
  • In-class Exercises
  • Q & A

The purpose of this day is to introduce, discuss, study and exercise the basic skills involved in creating characters for any type of animation (hand-drawn, computer, stop−motion, cut−out, etc). The primary emphasis will be on the development of characters, the story behind the character and the effect that this has on the overall design. Student exercises will involve the many aspects of character design: shape, attitude, costume, caricature, style and research. The typical class will consist of a lecture and an in−class exercise. All students are encouraged to participate in the critiques since most of the instruction will be learned from the discussion. Each exercise is designed to build on the previous one, so its critical to complete the project sequence.

Note: Although draftsmanship is a large component of character design, this class will focus more on sharpening your observation skills.